What does Lyvery do?
Lyvery is a an Automotive accessories marketplace that helps sellers from different part of the country to directly connect with buyers.

How is lyvery different from other ecommerce platform dealing with Automobile accessories?
Lyvery focuses exclusively on Automobile accessories which enables us to deal with end to end requirements of a car. Lyvery also provides Services for installing the product purchased by tying up with most of the major service centres across Chennai. Service facility is unavailable all other locations apart from Chennai.

Why should you register with Lyvery as a seller?
Lyvery offers a wide range of benefits to the seller. Click here to know the benefits

Is there any Registration Fee?
No, lyvery doesn’t charge sellers on registration.

How to register with Lyvery as a seller?
We have a very simple registration process for sellers. You just have to click here and fill in the details in the registration form.

How long will the registration process take to complete?
From the moment we receive your request, it takes not more than 72 hours for knowing the status.

What is the Remittance period?
Payment will be directly credited to seller's bank account within 15 days of transaction date.

How does Logistics work?
Lyvery has tied up Zepo who is a logistics service aggregator which gives us the access to over 15000 plus pin codes across India. We offer Air mode which is faster and suitable for products weigh less and Surface mode which is economical and suitable for heavier Products

Will the shipment be picked up from seller's facility?
Yes, shipments will be picked up by the service provider and the availability of this facility is purely based on Pin code.

What are the charges that a seller should handle?
Seller has to pay Lyvery on every successful transaction. There is a defined % as 'Transaction Fee' based on the product category and it is equated on the transaction cost. Seller also has to bare the logistics cost of each order. Click here to know the logistics tariff. Relevant taxes will be levied on the Transaction fee paid to Lyvery.

Is Training provided to sellers on the usage of Platform?
Yes. Once the seller registration is approved, the links to training modules will be sent. Video module are available in English & Hindi.

What is a Transaction Fee ?
Transaction fee is a fixed percentage of commission on the transaction cost paid to Lyvery by sellers for closing the deal.

What is the Transaction fee for each category of Product?
Click here

Will a seller gets assistance if stuck in between?
Yes, lyvery's support team will assist the sellers wherever required

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